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Installing Pharo with Seaside walkthrough

After downloading the one-click experience from the seaside.st site I wanted to make a developer image myself. I chose to write down my experienc, cause I had to find some stuff on the web which isn’t obvious to everyone.

What I did on my Windows platform:

  1. Load the pharo win32 setup from http://gforge.inria.fr/frs/?group_id=1299
    Look under the “Pharo Win32 Setup” section. Select the most recent version.
  2. Install the pharo image, it will start when you don’t uncheck the box run pharo in the end.
    Shows up as follows:

    Pharo after it starts up

    Pharo after it starts up

  3. Now you can update the pharo image: press left mouse button, select from the menu:   Tools -> Transcript
    Type in the transcript :  Utilities updateFromServer select it and press alt-d(o it). (also referred to as: evaluate <code>)
    After a while it will finish and you are up to date with your Pharo image.
  4. How to get seaside loaded into the image correctly?
    In the Transcript evaluate ScriptLoader loadSeaside30

    First I strolled around at http://www.seaside.st/download/squeak, but this lead only to older versions of Seaside (2.8.*) while I was looking for Seaside 2.9.*

    I found a mail thread on the web saying you should evaluate ScriptLoader loadSeaside30 in a workspace and Pharo will load seaside3.0 alpha. Neat !

  5. After the Seaside control panel shows up, right click on its top panel and add an adaptor. Choose a port (8080 is default) and press start, make sure you selected the adaptor before pressing start.
    When the adaptor finishes starting, open a webbrowser and enter http://localhost:8080/seaside. You should be seeing something like
  6. Done!

I hope this little walkthrough is helpful if you would like to setup your own Pharo with Seaside development environment.