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VAStGoodies with Graphical statistics using GoogleChart

I have used GoogleChart in VASmalltalk to create a nice graphic about the usage of the site in terms of down- and uploads.

One thing you should keep in mind when working with GoogleChart is that the x-axis labels will be positioned on a 0 to 100 scale independent of the data you provided for the chart. So you have to figure out where your labels need to be positioned yourself and do some math to determine where to place your labels.

Now go over to VAStGoodies.com, click on the statistics link and take a look yourself! Or, feel free to upload some nice goodie yourself 😉


Seaside Googlechart port to VASmalltalk

I have ported the Seaside binding of GoogleChart in Squeak made by Lukas Renggli, Adriaan van Os and Philippe Marshall to VASmalltalk 8.0 beta1. Since this was the first time I performed a port from Squeak to VAST this was new (and thus fun) to do for me. I would like to thank Adriaan van Os for his support during this exercise.

While porting I ran across the following issue:
In Squeak GoogleChart the methods GCChart>>#encodeSimple: and #encodeSimple:max:on: used the convenient or:or: implementation. To keep the code portable I rewrote this to regular or: statements resulting in or:[ or:[]].
All this is available in version yv.51 in the squeaksource repository (http://www.squeaksource.com/seachart).

In VAST I just had to reimplement 3 methods:

  • CgRGBColor>>#alpha
  • Color>>#fromString (class method)
  • Color>>#hex (class method)

Of course I uploaded this piece of work to VASTGoodies.com so surf on over and download it or use the nice features Ernest Micklei made to import from VASTGoodies directly 😉