Seaside Googlechart port to VASmalltalk

I have ported the Seaside binding of GoogleChart in Squeak made by Lukas Renggli, Adriaan van Os and Philippe Marshall to VASmalltalk 8.0 beta1. Since this was the first time I performed a port from Squeak to VAST this was new (and thus fun) to do for me. I would like to thank Adriaan van Os for his support during this exercise.

While porting I ran across the following issue:
In Squeak GoogleChart the methods GCChart>>#encodeSimple: and #encodeSimple:max:on: used the convenient or:or: implementation. To keep the code portable I rewrote this to regular or: statements resulting in or:[ or:[]].
All this is available in version yv.51 in the squeaksource repository (

In VAST I just had to reimplement 3 methods:

  • CgRGBColor>>#alpha
  • Color>>#fromString (class method)
  • Color>>#hex (class method)

Of course I uploaded this piece of work to so surf on over and download it or use the nice features Ernest Micklei made to import from VASTGoodies directly 😉


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